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Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)

Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
Printpods - (1 printer + 1 ink cartridge)
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  • Model: PYB-M1
  • Weight: 1.00kg

* Mind the current ink available only prints onto absorbent materials!

PrintPods Ink Options

Ink Options - PrintPods

Fast drying ink - PrintPods

Fast drying ink waterproof - PrintPods

Want to stay home and achieve professional printing flawlessly? Before PrintPods, it would be a daydream. But now PrintPods is here with permanent and non-removable ink, Duck Soup! Create low-cost custom logos in small batches, glide easily over documents, products, or any object that requires durable, non-removable markings.

Skin-friendly ink - PrintPods

Temporary tattoo apply - PrintPods

Enjoy designing your own bodymarks and body decorations anytime with the use of setting spray! Skin-friendly ink is 100% Safe, non-corrosive, water-soluble, and non-irritating. Get inspired with brilliant colors such as Navy blue, Red and Black. Have fun with friends and print temporary tattoos or put your favorite design, team logo, or brand on your skin for events, parties, or family fun.

Unique creative gift - PrintPods invisible ink

Invisible ink - PrintPods

Looking for a unique gift with a special secret? Communicate creatively with PrintPods. Using invisible ink, print your message or love note just for that special someone. Keep it a secret until viewed with UV light for a surprise and great delight! Unlock more fun and possibilities with PrintPods...

Switch ink - PrintPods

Plug and Print - PrintPods

PrintPods allows you to do it all with ultra quick-switch ink types. Multitasking won’t be a myth anymore! Have a fresh idea? Switch! New business needs arise? Switch! PrintPods has an ink to get any job done fast.

Use scenarios of PrintPods

Printing on rough and curved surface - PrintPodsPrinting on metal and leather - PrintPodsScenarios printing on wood and plastic

Easy to use - PrintPods

Quick connect - PrintPods

Click and print - PrintPods

1 sec connect and print! Simple and fast.

Roller sensor to print accurately - PrintPods

Roller sensor - PrintPods

With an advanced pulley sensor, PrintPods will detect and respond to your moves off the bat. Print faster, more accurate and much easier!

High cost performance - PrintPods

Battery life = 1000 continuous prints - PrintPods

Rechargable battery life = 1000 continuous prints

Half the size but superior battery life stands still! PrintPods’ advanced battery technology makes every one of your ideas happen with 1000+ continuous prints. Dreams never settle, neither does PrintPods!

Ink cartridge life - PrintPods

Ink cartridge life 3500 imprints - PrintPods

With just one single cartridge, you can effortlessly continuously print over 3500 times. 

Printable width - PrintPods

Printable width 2x - PrintPods

Compared to other mediocre printers, PrintPods excels, especially in its print width. A 2x times wider print width doubles your output and lets you get more done in each pass. It’s a productivity boost for business and lets you take your artistic creativity to the next-level.

Low single print cost - PrintPods

each print cost less than 0.01 - PrintPods

*What's in the box

What's in the box - PrintPods

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1.The ink cartridge product is a fragile product, and its printing parts are easily caused by various factors such as improper operation by the user, and it is difficult to trace the cause. Therefore, the problems found by the user 7 days after receiving the goods are not within the warranty period.

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