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C30 A3+ DTF Printer

C30 A3+ DTF Printer
C30 A3+ DTF Printer
C30 A3+ DTF Printer
C30 A3+ DTF Printer
C30 A3+ DTF Printer
C30 A3+ DTF Printer
C30 A3+ DTF Printer
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  • Model: X-C30
  • Weight: 110.00lb
  • Dimensions: 43.00in x 17.00in x 16.00in

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Introducing the all-new C30 DTF Printer: built to last and equipped with an industrial-grade XP600 printhead for reliable performance

With dimensions of 32" x 13" x 12", this printer maintains a small desktop footprint while delivering impressive results. You can print 13" wide transfers at speeds of up to 13 sq ft per hour, thanks to its efficient design. Plus, the new modular system allows seamless switching between sheet and roll printing (Roll Module included).

Offering exceptional value, the C30 printing system is priced competitively compared to other technologies. It produces durable, vibrant color prints using the trusted Epson engine, which has been professionally modified for enhanced performance.

For optimal operation, it's recommended to use the printer in a well-ventilated space with appropriate filtration or protective gear. Focused on functionality and delivering superior results, the C30 DTF printer surpasses alternative systems like Toner Transfer or DTG. It's a top choice in textile printing technology for systems under $10,000, catering to various fabric types and compatible with both white and dark textiles.

Available Options:

C30 A3+ DTF Printer C30 Bundle 1 C30 Bundle 2
  • A3+ print size
  • Roll Printing (up to 330ft/100m long)
  • Advanced Continuous Ink System
  • White Ink Circulation & Filter system 
  • Maintenance Kit 
  • RIP Software
  • C30 Printer
  • Premium DTF ink(C*1L, M*1L, Y*1L, K*1L, Wh*2L)
  • DTF Powder*1lb
  • DTF film 330ft*2
  • Maintenance Kit
  • RIP Software
  • A3+ Oven
  • C30 Printer
  • Premium DTF ink(C*1L, M*1L, Y*1L, K*1L, Wh*2L)
  • DTF Powder*1lb
  • DTF film 330ft*2
  • Maintenance Kit
  • RIP Software
  • JL-A3 Duster
$1,899.00 $2,329.00

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The C30 A3+ DTF printer boasts the following features:

  • Compact Design: Measuring 32" x 13" x 12"
  • Modular: Can print to SHEETS or ROLLS (Roll Module included)
  • Print Size Capacity: 13" wide x 328 feet long (ROLLS) or 13" wide x 19" long (SHEETS)
  • DTF Roll Feeding Technology: Accommodates A3+ or 13" wide DTF rolls
  • Bi-Directional DTF Film Control
  • Vacuum-enhanced printing area for better ink adhesion and avoidance of film buckling
  • White Ink Circulation System (WICS)
  • 6 Channel Technology (for White and CMYK)
  • XL White Ink Tank and Advanced Continuous Feed System
  • Humidity Sensor
  • RIP Software
  • Large printable area (prints DTF sheet rolls in sizes up to 12.95" wide including borderless)
  • Efficiently designed exterior shell and frame structure
  • DTF sheet vacuum system for perfect prints
  • Advanced Roller system for easy and fast feed controls
  • Efficient and simple flush system with flush cartridges or bottles
  • Integrated and modular Roll feed system
  • DTF specialized Damper system for improved pressurized delivery of ink
  • Convenient Front Control Panel for easy operation

Additional Unique Benefits:

  • Whether you prefer DTF sheets or DTF rolls, this printer caters to your needs. Plus, the Roll Feeder Module comes included for seamless integration.
  • The Roll Feeder Module does not take any desk space - The roll feeder for the C30 fully attaches to the printer itself without the need for table space to sit it on, and is easy to align!
  • The ink tanks on the C30 are easier to access, easier to fill and they each have their own one-way breather valves.
  • Adjusting the printhead carriage height is a breeze with just a simple turn of a knob, unlike dealing with screws and other complex mechanisms found on other printers.
  • The C30 A3+ DTF printer has an automatic vacuum system that turns on when an image or job is started.
  • The C30's WIMS (White Ink Management System) now features an extra anti-clogging measure: an agitator inside the white ink tank. This addition ensures that the ink is both circulated and stirred, effectively reducing the risk of clogging.
  • Built-in automatic head cleaning! 


12 Month Warranty: We offer a 12 month warranty which pertains to replacement of faulty materials during the first twelve months from the date of purchase of the machine (except for damage caused or other that does not depend on manufacturing defects). Consumable parts are excluded from the warranty, such as: print heads, dampers, inks (such consumable parts are available as spare parts if needed.) See the full warranty details on our guarantee page and our terms and conditions.

What's NOT Included but you may need:

  • DTF Ink, Powder, film
  • DTF Duster (to cure the powder to the printed sheets)
  • Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port
  • Heat press for finishing (curing) the final print to your garment - We recommend a 16x20" heat press
  • Humidifier (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room) - recommended


  • Compared to DTG technology (such as Epson, Ricoh, Brother, or other DTG-based systems), DTF's startup costs are cheaper (approximately 50% to 75% cheaper) and no preprocessing is required (lower costs and less user dependencies ) You will need DTF PreTreat Sheet(DTF film) and DTF PreTreat Powder. The print quality and feel of printed textiles is very similar to DTG. DTF will work on a wider range of substrates than DTG (DTG mainly works on cotton, but DTF will work on cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, etc.

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