What is a DTF printer

DTF is the abbreviation of Digital Transfer Film, or some people say Direct To Film.
Digital Transfer Film is more accurate, as it prints a bit like sublimation, but DTF gives you much more flexibility, it can print on cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, leather and most fabrics!
It is a printing method with lower cost, higher efficiency and output than DTG.
Briefly explain the steps,
1. Print the pattern on the film.
2. Put special hot melt powder on the pattern and heat it to solidify on the pattern. (This powder increases the stickiness of the pattern and will stick to almost any substrate!)
3. Use a heat press to press the pattern behind the substrate (such as T-shirt), and you’re done!

Glorink DTF Solutions

X-A30 DTF Printer

~ starting from $1299

Curing Oven
Curing Oven


dtf ink
DTF special film
DTF Powder

Why choosing DTF?

why choose dtf

What DTF prints

what can dtf prints

Glorink X-A30 Features

Low cost printing

Low Investment & Printing Cost

Spending on each print is only 0.4$

Using the whole set of Glorink’s printing solution, the cost of each printing is only about 0.4$ (calculation with a regular T-shirt)

Single Sheet/Roll to Roll

More flexibility over roll to roll rack to print A3/A4 size

Upgraded rack system and mode that offers you to print either single sheet or from a roll to another.

The roll-to-roll system provides an efficient printing method, suitable for mass printing, and then quickly hot-pressed into finished products.

dtf1390 roll to roll rack
simple buttons

Simple and clear function buttons

Powerful yet simple to operate

The appearance of the Glorink X-A30 DTF printer is very simple, the buttons of the main functions are neatly arranged, and other  functions can be realized through the RIP software.

Double guarantee of White ink

Automatic white ink stirring mixing system

Glorink’s white ink is made with nano-technology for smooth printing.
The X-A30 DTF printer automatically mixes white ink from time to time after it is turned on to ensure no precipitation and ensure print quality.

double guarantee of white ink
dtf ciss system

CISS system for lower ink cost

Continuous Ink Supplying System, easy to fuel up

Equipped with CISS system, ink can be added at any time, and the use cost is lower than most ink cartridges.

RIP software

Multilingual, easy-to-use RIP software

Glorink DTF printer supports many RIP softwares, you may choose from us, or use your own.

box deliver

Packing and shipping

Rugged packing for global shipping

Machines and consumables are usually packed in wooden boxes, or reinforced cardboard boxes.

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