Epson 4720 printhead (some people call it EPS3200 printhead) is a name in Chinese market, it is a new type of piezoelectric printhead launched by Epson in recent years. The printhead is named after the earliest Epson WF-4720 inkjet printer that used it.

It is the most popular printhead widely used on printing textiles and more. It has the character of corrosion-resistant, suitable for inks of water-based, oily, solvents, uv, paint, sublimation, etc. 

The main features of Epson 4720 printhead:

1. The number of nozzles: Epson 4720 has four pairs of 8 rows of nozzles, a single row of 400 nozzles, the whole printhead has a total of 3200 nozzles(that’s why it named EPS3200 too), which is much more than the Epson 5th generation printhead with only 1440 nozzles.

2. Printhead width: The effective width of the 4720 printhead is 1.3 inches, which is at least 30% wider than the 5th and 7th generation heads previously introduced by Epson;

3. Speed performance: The digital inkjet machine using 4720 printhead can realize 3PASS high-speed printing, and the printing speed of single printhead machine can reach 30 square meters / hour;

4. Epson 4720 is a corrosion-resistant print head, suitable for water-based, oil-based, solvent, uv, paint, sublimation ink, etc. It is a multi-purpose printhead. The application prospects are unlimited..

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